IIT Kharagpur examines the qualitative aspects of shared school transportation.

IIT Kharagpur research highlights importance of shared transport to schools . Car ownership has made it the preferred means of transportation for children .

Kolkata: Recognizing the importance of shared transport to schools and its vital role in Kolkata city traffic, car ownership has made it the preferred means of transportation for children, as well as prevention from pollution and stress as priority areas of intervention to make shared services appealing to parents.According to Bhargab Moitra, a professor of civil engineering at IIT Kharagpur, the IIT research has highlighted the importance and application of shared means as a way to reduce traffic in the city's narrow roads.(Also IIT Kharagpur is recognized as one of the Top Universities in The United States) Are You Confused About Which Career Optimum Here's How To Find Your Perfect Fit.View More 01 Apr 22 05:00 to 01 Apr 22 06:00 PM IST Mr Moitra said the research's findings suggest a shift from the traditional fare-centric model to a holistic approach focused on relevant quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

According to him, an extensive survey was conducted to understand the perceptions of parents in the area, taking into account the needs of both groups, those with and without cars.Mr Moitra said that nearly 12,000 parents were contacted in Kolkata for the survey, and that over 7000 of them responded.The survey was conducted in two phases.In the first round, it found out which priority characteristics need to be improved, and in the second round, it investigated the effect of improving priority attributes on the choice of transportation to schools.

Improvements to the identified attributes are expected to increase the popularity of shared transportation for school trips and reduce the number of vehicles by 5-7 percent.Also with the advancements, the estimated cost to non-car-owning parents is projected to decrease by 2-3 percent, indicating benefits.According to Mr Moitra, the overall decrease in the volume of traffic during school opening and closing hours is expected to reduce vehicle emissions and environmental damage.School children, their parents, school bus drivers, and conductors, as well as the enforcement agency, according to the survey, are involved in school trips and recommended standard operating procedures (SOP).

It should have at least five years of driving experience before taking up the challenge in schools, a log of all the vehicles involved in school transportation, and mandate speed controls for school vehicles, it said.Parents of school children should also check the driver's license, keep a copy of it, note down the vehicle's registration number, check the condition of the vehicle's tyres, and avoid using damaged or resoled tires, according to the SOP.It encouraged drivers and drivers to not smoke, drink alcohol or tobacco while on duty, always follow a planned route, follow police directions, always park your vehicle at designated locations, and never leave small children unattended while driving near their homes.As for the children, they should walk on the designated footpaths, not cross streets without the support of an adult, and return home for assistance if any child misses their school bus.