IMD predicts rain in Goa through Tuesday, with temperatures remaining normal.

Only 0.5mm rainfall in Margao and a few inches in Panaji in the last 24 hours . April saw the wettest April in 85 years (since 1937) Rainfall has been sparse so far this month .

PANAJI: On Saturday, cloudy weather ruled for the bulk of the day, as the Indian meteorological department (IMD), Panaji, predicted rain or thundershowers at isolated locations across both districts for four days until Tuesday.There was only 0.5mm rainfall in Margao and a few inches in Panaji in the last 24 hours, while other centers received no rain.The weather is influenced by the wind patterns.The westerly winds from the Arabian Sea are delivering water and easterly winds at 700 hPa (3 kilometers above sea level) are creating clouds near Goa, according to Rajasree VPM, a scientist from IMD, Panaji.

Pernem has seen more rainfall in the last two and a half months as the town's rain gauge center received 205.8mm.During the 70+ days, Sanquelim saw higher rainfall of 110.9mm, Mapusa 75.9mm, Margao 70.2mm, Sanguem 69.2mm, Panaji 61.1mm, and other centers on a smaller scale.Before April 22, Valpoi had 59.3mm, but the total hasn't been updated since then.The maximum temperatures in the summer have been within normal ranges.

Although many parts of the world have been affected by a heat wave, it rose just to 33 degrees Celsius, just 0.9 degrees above normal.