Imran Khan claims to have recorded a video with the names of all conspirators attempting to kill him, which will be made public if he is killed.

Imran Khan says he has made a video of the alleged plot to kill him . Khan says he knows who is behind the plot to kill him .

Islamabad (Pakistan), May 15, : Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that a plot to kill him is being hatched and that he has made a video with the names of all those people who are involved in the alleged plot to depose his government.He said, I know people in Pakistan and elsewhere are planning to kill me.I have made a video of the complete plot against me that contained all names and kept it in a secure place.However, the former Prime Minister did not state who was behind the alleged plot to kill him.

I know who orchestrated my assassination.If I am shot, this video will be made available, said the former prime minister, who also uses him as a roadblock and would rather avoid him.Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said he was shocked to see the thieves being carried on the streets of Banigala on Friday, saying that dropping an atomic bomb would have been safer than handing over the reins to these people.Khan said that those powerful people who would tell him tales of corruption from the previous rulers ruined every institution and judiciary system, advising him to concentrate on his government's performance rather than the graft charges brought against others.He further warned the Pakistani government, led by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), that two million people will come to Islamabad on May 20 to demand true autonomy and to protest against the new governments.