In 2022, Kia Carens will manage three stars, making Honda City the first Indian vehicle to receive four stars from GNCAP.

Kia Carens has only a 3-star safety rating during crash test results . Honda City (2 airbags) scored the highest score with 4 stars, with 4 of them in the fourth generation .

On June 23, Global-NCAP, a vehicle safety organization, published the crash test report for Kias' new MPV, the Carens.The Kia Carens with six airbags' crash test results showed that the MPV had only a 3-star safety rating during testing.In comparison, the fourth generation Honda City, which only has two airbags, is the only Indian vehicle to be tested by Global-NCAP in 2022 and has a 4-star safety rating.Credit: Kia Carens crash test (Global-NCAP) The Carens received just 3-star ratings for both adult and child passengers, according to the program.

The drivers chest and foot areas were deemed to have a poor and marginal protection.The Carens comes with 2 front airbags, 2 side airbags, and 2 head protection airbags with ESC us standard.The Kia Carens has a rating of 3 stars.Following an example, the driver and passengers were able to appreciate the safety provided.

Drivers and passengers knees were spared marginally as they could collide with dangerous structures behind the dashboard, which were supported by the transfascia tube.Note: The child seat for the 3-year-old was installed FWF with ISOFIX and the top tether, and it was unable to reduce excessive head excursion during the impact, providing poor protection to the head and fair to the chest.The Mahindras XUV700 also received the second Safer Choice award from Global-NCAP.In November 2021, the Indian SUV earned a 5-star crash rating for adult occupants and a 4-star rating for child occupants.

Global-NCAP has tested eight vehicles for the Indian market so far in 2022.With 4 stars, the fourth-generation Honda City (2 airbags) has topped the list.And the Nissan Magnite (2 airbags) and Renault Kiger (2 airbags) have topped the list of safe vehicles with the lowest 2-star rating.In 2022, Honda City (2 airbags) scored the highest score with 4 stars, with 4 of them in the fourth generation.