In a 2013 theatre production, Emilia Clarke recalls her disastrous failure.

Emilia Clarke said she was unprepared and inexperienced at the time . The Game of Thrones actress is gearing up for her role as Nina in the West End drama The Seagull .

Washington, United States, June 25 : Emilia Clarke, a Game of Thrones actress, referred to her debut theatre performance in Broadway theaters as a tragic failure.In 2013, Clarke appeared in Breakfast at Tiffanys alongside Cory Michael Smith and George Wendt for her first Broadway appearance.According to Variety, the actress was unprepared and inexperienced at the time.It was a terrible failure.

Was I prepared?No, I wasn't quite ready.I was a baby.Clarke said I was so young and inexperienced.

According to Variety, the actor appeared to have behaved like an under-age debutante who was trying too hard to fulfill the role of a wealthy mature adult.In the film, other critics characterized her as a miscast.In the meantime, the Game of Thrones actor is gearing up for her role as Nina in the West End drama The Seagull, written by Anton Chekhov.Although The Seagull was supposed to premiere in March 2020, the production was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It would be ten times more terrifying if people would go and say, Well she can only act on film, she can certainly not act on stage, which is clearly the biggest worry for the comedian.From June 30 to September 10, the Harold Pinter Theatre will have all set up.