In Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh, a mob throws the driver into a burning van after the vehicle runs over a child; both die.

Magan Singh, 34, was a driver for a construction supervisor . Aditi Mekaal, 6, died on the spot after he ran over a child .

INDORE: On Friday night, a crowd tore down a six-year-old child in MPs Alirajpur district, tore the driver into it and watched him burn.He was rescued by police, but he died on Saturday morning.Magan Singh, 34, was identified as a driver for a construction supervisor.Aditi Mekaal of Chotipol was the child he ran over.

Alirajpur SP in charge S R Sengar said he was going to Chotipol on Friday to rescue a group of laborers when the accident occurred around 7.30pm.The child suddenly ran into the road near Badpol when it came to a curve.According to Sengar, Singh attempted to save the child but lost control and struck her.Aditi died on the spot.

According to the SP, some of them set fire to the van, picked up Singh and threw him into it.Someone called 911 and a mobile squad sped to the scene.40% burns to the driver Someone called 911 and a mobile squad arrived on the scene.They sprayed the fire, rescued Singh and took him to a nearby hospital.

Police say he was killed early Saturday morning.Singh was a native of Jobat, about 20 kilometers from the accident site.Both bodies have been autopsied.Police are trying to find those in the crowd that kicked Singh into his burning SUV.