In Andhra Pradesh, chicken prices have reached an all-time high of Rs 350 per kilogramme.

Chicken prices have hit an all-time high of 350 a kilogram in many areas . The major factors in raising chicken prices are believed to be rising fuel prices .

VISAKHAPATNAM: In many areas, chicken prices have hit an all-time high of 350 a kilogram.Although the prices of mutton (lamb and sheep) have been on the rise in the last three decades, those of chicken have remained stagnant, ranging between 170 to 280 per kg over the last 20 years, but this summer the price hit the roof, topping 300 for the second year in a row.The major factors in raising chicken prices are believed to be rising fuel prices, as well as a drastic reduction in demand due to the extreme summer heat.Increased bird mortality rates are being attributed to hot weather.

Traders are concerned that the price will rise in the coming days due to the huge gap between demand and supply.A kilogram of dressed broiler chicken, which was being sold at 230 kg on May 1, has increased to 330 kilograms in less than two weeks.It has been 350 per kilogram in many places, including in major cities like Vijayawada.Andhra Pradesh produces around 5 crore birds per month, and the state's average demand for broiler chicken meat is around 10 lakh kg per day.

The prohibition on deep sea fishing (April 15 to June 14) is also one of the reasons why people are switching to chicken.Due to the hot weather, the availability of fresh water fish has also declined.The price rise, according to Broiler Chicken Associations north, was due to an increase in the cost of feed, increasing demand for the meat, and a lack of chickens from farms.Many birds died as a result of the hot and humid weather, he said, adding that prices would rise in a few weeks.

All of this has contributed to the pain of consumers who are already dealing with the price of tomatoes and lemons rising.Chicken prices have increased by more than 100 percent per kg.Since 2011, the price of tomatoes has increased to 60 cents per kilogram.M Radha, a housewife in Vijayawada city, said, We have no alternative but to suffer in silence.