In Bengalurus 44 wards, e-khata is now required for property registration.

The new e-swathu program is expected to help eliminate real estate fraud and property disputes . The digital khata certificate will contain 47 different elements, including a snapshot of the property owner .

IN 44 wards of Bengaluru, the government declared digital khata or e-khata mandatory for property registration.We have already implemented this in 14 wards, and a government order has been issued for another 30 wards, according to Mamatha BR, the postal inspector general and stamp inspector.Officials from the US Revenue Department said it will take effect in 100 wards before the end of the year and in all other wards by 2023.According to a source, the program would discourage property theft and distract buyers from swindlers who attempt to sell a piece of land or property multiple times.

Impersonation during registration is forbidden under this model because the digital khata certificate will contain 47 different elements, including a snapshot of the property owner.According to a source, the documents will be digitally signed, barcoded, and uploaded to DigiLocker.Viewpoints:Frauds, disputes, and litigation have always been a pain for property owners.Most land records date back to the colonial period, and criminals can be triggered by the ambiguity over title.

The cherries on the cake are effective prevention of encroachment on government assets, the tracking of tax defaulters, and easing courts' hand.The earlier versions of khata certificate and khata extract contained 18 different information.Apart from this, owners can update property records on their own using the portal for various transactions, such as sales, succession, partition, gift, will, land acquisition, and khata amalgamationbifurcation.After proper investigation, the revenue officer will authorize this, according to a source.

The pilot will be delivered in six wards, Neelasandra, Shantinagar, and Shantalanagar.In the first phase, over 100 wards will be covered, focusing on the central areas of Bengaluru's east and south zone, while Mahadevapura, Yelahanka, Dasarahalli, Bommanahalli, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, and other areas will be included in the second phase.Any muta (change in ownership) will be performed automatically because the department's e-swathu and Kaveri methods of stamping and registration are already linked.After receiving registration information electronically, a notice will be issued from the system automatically by initiating a transaction.

According to a source, the mutationkhata extract will be produced following a procedure.Darshan Govindaraju, the CEO of the Vaishnavi Group, said getting a khata has always been an uphill battle.The digitisation of the khata process is a step in the right direction for the real estate industry.It would increase the ease of record keeping and accessibility for homeowners, he said.

A buyer can check the authenticity of the land records online, and it would only benefit the real estate industry in a significant way, he said.