In Dausa, youth ends his life by cutting his throat.

A 22-year-old boy slit his throat and committed suicide in Dausa district . The incident occurred after an altercation with his family .

On Friday, a 22-year-old boy slit his throat and committed suicide in the Lalsoth area of Dausa district, following an altercation with his family.He was taken to a local hospital where he was declared dead.According to Mandawari police, the deceased, who is believed to have been a family feud that caused him to take the extreme measure in a state of rage.After their argument, the accused confined himself to a closet and slit his throat.

Because he had already suffered extensive bleeding, he was declared dead at the PHC, according to a police officer.Police haven't found a suicide note on the spot or a significant explanation for his behavior.The family is now in a state of shock.The perpetrator appears to have taken the extreme measure in a fit of rage, prima facie.In this case, no criminal activity has been reported.

According to the officer, there has been no formal complaint lodged by the family.