In HP, rain gives relief from the heat.

Yellow alert issued for Tuesday for plains, middle and high mountainous areas . Stormy weather conditions expected in Shimla and Shimla until May 20 .

Shimla: On Monday, a new torrent of rain fell in several parts of Himachal Pradesh, providing much-needed respite from the hot weather.Shimla's meteorological center has predicted stormy weather conditions in the state until May 20.In many regions, there is the possibility of rain.For Tuesday, a yellow alert has been issued in plains, middle and high mountainous areas, with the warning of thunderstorm, thunder, tornado, and gusty winds (traveling at a rate of 30-40 kmph) in isolated areas.

Depending on the severity of the hailstorm and gusty winds, damage to standing crops, fruit plants, and new plantings could be lost, as well as the availability of electricity.The storm wreaked havoc on Rampur and the surrounding Shimla districts on Sunday night.Three buses were damaged in the HRTC workshop in Rampur during this period due to falling trees.In high winds, power lines were weakened, and electricity was also interrupted in most areas.