In Kelsey Bollig's debut film as a director, Olivia Cooke will star. Breeders

Olivia Cooke will star in Kelsey Bollig's directorial debut horror-thriller film, Breeders . Cooke is a Hollywood actress who has starred in HBO series House of the Dragon .

United States September 24: Olivia Cooke, a Hollywood actress, will star in filmmaker Kelsey Bolligs directorial debut horror-thriller film, Breeders.Breeders will be Bolligs first feature film, who is quickly becoming known for some of her best horror short films.The film was created by filmmaker Adam McKay.According to The Hollywood Reporter, he would be working on the film with Todd Schulmans production company Hyperobject Industries.

Bollig was praised for her horror sensibility by Erin Westerman, the president of Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation, which would be filming the latest horror-thriller, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Cooke is the perfect fit for the role in Breeders, according to him.Breeders is a great example of a horror sensibility that she has been honing her whole life, and Olivia Cooke is the one to pull it off.It's also an honor to work with Adam, the person who invented the scheme, who will lead Kelseys story with knowledge and a first-rate sense of story, according to the author.

For her first short film Asking for a Friend, the director has won 18 awards, including the best horror comedy alongside the best director.The Fourth Wall, Bollig's second horror short film, has also won the title of best horror film at two film festivals.Cooke is also seen in the Apple TV+ series, Slow Horses, opposite actor Gary Oldman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.She would appear in the much-anticipated HBO series House of the Dragon, which arrives on August 21.