In Kolkata, there are uniformed attendants and parking fee tables.

KMC parking division had asked agencys owners to provide notice of rate boards and helpline numbers . KMC parking division had asked the agencys owners to provide notice of rate boards and helpline numbers .

KOLKATA (KoLKATA) — The agencies that patrol the car parking lots have taken steps to provide some protection to car owners, as KMC has pushed them to do so.The KMC parking division had asked the agency's owners to provide notice of rate boards and helpline numbers in addition to providing identification cards to the attendants.According to a statute laid down by the civic body, the attendants must also be in a suit.In the absence of fee rate tables and real parking attendants, the civic action was followed by a survey.

The steps are supposed to be both cost-effective in the short and long term.People deserved better.On Friday, a team from the American Department of Public Health inspected two major shopping destinations and appraised the challenges of the shoppers who parked at the parking lots.Though some precautions were taken for the car owners a week before the pujas, the tour showed that there was still room for improvement.

When asked to drive, an attendant was seen obliging a car owner by displaying his identity card.On Gariahat Road, only 200 meters from where the agency's headquarters is located, a group of attendants said they had applied to the agency's owner long before for eliciting identity cards, but were yet to receive them.Car owners often ask us questions about our identity, which are then extremely difficult.An on-duty attendant at Gariahat said, We cant satisfy their concerns about the lack of identification cards.

The attendants here wore the uniform and pressed shoppers who were curious about their true identity.The helpline number was omitted from the list, however.Ranita Bose, a teacher who parked her car near Gariahat, said she needed the helpline number to get messages to the civic brass to put an end to car owners' harassment.We have the ability to make suggestions based on our own experience if the helpline number is displayed in accordance with civic rules, said Bose.