In Latur, Maharashtra, five women drowned while washing clothing in a pond.

Five women drowned in irrigation pond in Ahmedpur, Maharashtra, on Saturday morning . One woman slipped into the sea and began to drown, police say .

LATUR, Maharashtra, Latur: According to investigators, five women, all itinerant sugarcane cutters, drowned in an irrigation pond in Ahmedpur, tehsil, on Saturday morning.According to a source from the Kingao police station, the assault took place at Tulshiram Tanda village around 8.30 a.m. when the victims were washing their clothes in the pond.One of the women slipped into the sea and began to drown.Other tried to rescue her, but they too drowned, according to he.

According to a police official, the women had been growing in sugarcane fields in Ahmedpur tehsil for the past five months.When cane is harvested, families of sugarcane cutters migrate from their home districts to find jobs.The incident came following a similar tragedy in Dombivli, Mumbai, last week, when five members of a family drowned in a pond while washing clothes.