In Maharashtra, only 26% of older people receive a preventative injection.

Maharashtra reported 2,024 new Covid-19 cases on Friday . Only 26% of people over 60 have taken the booster dose .

PUNE: Maharashtra reported 2,024 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, but the rate of vaccination coverage in the state is still slow.According to statistics from the state health department, only 26% of people over the age of 60 have taken the booster dose.Officials are now worried as the Har Ghar Dastak drive has had a sluggish response, and fear persists.Nearly 1.1 crore elderly (60-plus) residents in the state are eligible for a booster dose, but only 26.06 lakh have taken the jab.

On January 10, free booster drives for frontline employees and the elderly began.Many people over 60 years old who are eligible for the third shot are refusing to sign up.Since they received the first two doses, this has more to do with care than simply reluctance, according to state immunization officer Dr Sachin Desai.Mumbai has a strong booster market, with Thane (37% coverage) leading the way in terms of growth, followed by Pune (35%).

Interest is minimal after the third shot, as opposed to the first two doses, according to a state health official.The free booster drives began as a part of the aging, elderly, and frontline staff.Among health and frontline staffers, booster coverage is at 42% and 40%, respectively.Many senior citizens were reluctant to take the third dose, according to ASHA workers who were able to go door to door for the Har Ghar Dastak campaign.

According to one ASHA worker, we can't force such people to take the vaccines.Other age groups have also responded well to the booster drive.Dr Desai reported that in the 18-59 age group, third-jab activity is increasing.Authorities were encouraged to maintain regular counselling sessions, according to state task force members.