In Myanmar, China has resumed its previous practises.

China has used Myanmars army to jeopardize Indias interests, writes Andrew Keen . Keen: China has used Myanmars army to jeopardize Indias interests .

January 24, 2018 in Naypyidaw (Myanmar): Chinas immediate assistance to the military was one of the most significant aspects of the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, including providing military troops and, in the process.China's links with the Tatmadaw in Myanmar are historic, it must be said.The National League for Democracy (NLD) was just an extension of this alliance's strategic perspective.There's also a strong anti-India position on the current relationship.

These developments can be understood from a recent China statement that it will continue to help Myanmar's military regime no matter how the situation in Myanmar turns out in the coming months and years.China also stated that it has always held a critical position in diplomacy and wants to expand contacts and cooperation to forge a China-Myanmar community with a common future.According to the Associated Press, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Myanmar counterpart Wunna Maung Lwin that China has always positioned Myanmar in a leading position in neighborly diplomacy and expects to expand contacts and cooperation.Chinas unequivocal support for the military government at this moment reflects its confidence that the Tatmadaw will continue to dominate over anti-coup opposition.They also stress that outside support for the resistance movement would only prolong the inevitable, and that the military regime offers the most viable path to stability, which is critical for Chinas economic and strategic goals.The purpose of this Chinese commitment to Myanmar's Army is to establish a Chinese-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC), which is a sub-pillar of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Protests outside the Chinese embassy in Yangon and an increase in anti-China sentiment in the aftermath of the military takeover only exacerbated their fears.In August 2021, the same month that Senior General Min Aung Hlaing assumed office as Prime Minister, Chinese officials began to re-establish relations with the military administration.Yangon's Chinese officials and business lobbies have also begun to speak publicly with junta officials to discuss commercial opportunities.China delivered a refurbished Ming-class submarine, renamed UMS Minye Kyaw Htin, to Myanmar's Navy in December, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to receive a China-manufactured submarine.

Myanmar has sought to purchase a fleet of submarines to keep up with its Southeast Asian neighbors in the early 2000s, but it has few options to purchase them due to its inhumane human rights record and the European Union's arms embargo.China has also supplied the military regime with fighter jets and armoured vehicles.China is continuing to pursue a general peace-focused foreign policy that prioritizes its own narrow goals, with little or no consideration given to the country's human rights record or other internal conflicts as the situation is being described.The relationship between the two countries is now defined by three strategic areas of cooperation and cooperation.The Chinese digital Renminbi (RMB) is the first currency in its infancy.

Myanmar's retail sector, which is now a strategic front of Chinas private sector, is the second.The Alibaba-owned e-commerce site has already dominated Myanmar's market, particularly by allowing digital payments during the 2021 cash crisis.Thirdly, China has transferred the technology to manufacture a Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccine under the name Myancopharm to Myanmar.Chinas Covid-19 diplomacy in Myanmar has been a relative success, allowing new Chinese pharmaceutical firms to invest in Myanmar's generic drugs market, which is still dominated by imports from India, although entrepreneurs are still searching for a cheaper source of generic drugs.Myanmar has a high demand for generic drugs, but the high US dollar-Kyat exchange rate made imports more difficult.China has also signed a deal to provide USD 6.1 million to Myanmar for 21 development projects.

Although the coup has increased Chinas presence in Myanmar, it has also significantly undermined Indias economic and security ambitions in Southeast Asia.The civil war has made strides on India's economic and logistics efforts in the region, which are central to India's Act East agenda, but have weakened significantly.Furthermore, conflict between Myanmar's military and the Peoples Defense Force (PDFs) has fueled intense conflict in western and northwestern Myanmar, which border India.China's aloof stewardship of the brutal and autocratic government only will worsen the situation in Myanmar.China's self-aggrandizing ambition is a threat to Myanmar's people and their democratic aspirations.