In the centre of Belagavi, a leopard was seen; a worker was injured.

A leopard attacked two construction workers in Belagavi city . The big cat attacked Sidarai Laxman Mirajkar, a 38-year-old construction worker, who sustained injuries .

Belagavi: Human-animal conflict is normal, and it is alarmingly true in villages in Karnataka abutting the rainforest.In fact, there have been many instances of leopards sneaking into neighbourhoods outside of cities and towns, but when these big cats appear amid the hustle of an urban center, they spark a lot of panic.On Friday, a leopard assaulted two construction workers in Jadhav Nagar, in the very heart of Belagavi city, sparking confusion among the residents of the area and the surrounding areas.The leopard was seen in Jadhav Nagar and Hanuman Nagar, according to video captured on closed circuit television (CCTV) monitors.

The forest department in Belagavi is inevitably at a loss to explain the leopard's presence in the heart of the city.The leopard prowling in the neighborhood was caught by a CCTV camera installed at Yashodhan Jadhav's house in Jadhav Nagar.The big cat attacked Sidarai Laxman Mirajkar, a 38-year-old construction worker, who then leapt over the property and disappeared in the bushes.Sidarai sustained injuries as a result of the assault.

The big cat also attacked another construction worker, who survived unscathed.Foresters, along with members of the State Disaster Response Force, launched a search for the big cat.A special team of Gadag's forest department was also sent in to help devise a plan to capture the leopard.The forest department is using drone cameras to monitor the leopard's movements.

Anthony M, the deputy conservator of forests for Belagavi in charge, informed them that an attempt to capture the leopard was underway.We also added a nurse and a team of tranquillizers.We already have two cages with a bait in areas where the leopard was last seen.However, it is likely that the leopard has escaped the area.