In the coming days, the daytime temperature could reach 40 degrees Celsius: IMD

Maximum temperatures in Pune could hit 40 degrees in next few days . May is expected to be cooler than normal, but heatwave conditions have resurfaced in some locations .

Pune: The maximum temperatures in the city could hit 40 degrees in the next few days, a slight improvement in an otherwise cooler May.Day temperatures in Pune have been much lower than average for the past few days, falling to 33 degrees at the start of the week, when severe cyclone Asani slowed the storms.Now that the cyclone has passed away and its effect has been over, clouding has been partially reduced, although westerly west-westerly winds will continue to flow in the coming days, according to Anupam Kashyapi, the head of the weather forecasting division at IMD, Pune.Nearly every region of Maharashtra, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, was showing signs of humidity and moisture intrusion.This effect has gotten better as the Arabian sea is being only affected by a partial moisture intrusion.

According to Met department officials, day temperatures could increase marginally.Although the latest Extended Range Forecast issued by IMD predicted that the average monthly maximum temperatures in May in South Konkan and South Madhya Maharashtra, including Pune, would be below normal, Kashyapi said that the proposed marginal increase is in line with day-to-day fluctuations.Overall, May is expected to be cooler than normal, he said.In a number of India locations, heatwave conditions have resurfaced.

Heatwave conditions were also noted in most areas throughout northwest Madhya Pradesh and southwest UP on Saturday, including Wardha, Nagpur, Chandrapur, and Brahmapuri.On Saturday, temperatures hit 40C or higher at over 13 locations in Maharashtra (where IMD monitors temperatures daily).Kashyapi said that when areas adjacent to a region record high temperatures, a transient effect of the heat is also observed in that region.Shivajinagar saw a maximum temperature of 37.9C on Saturday, Pashan at 37.7C, Chinchwad at 37.3C, Lavale at 38.2C.