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Pushpesh Pant: Dishwasher is the most practical appliance in the kitchen that takes over the dirtyest and most humiliating task for anyone . He says dishwasher is the most practical appliance in the kitchen that takes over the dirtyest and most humiliating task for anyone .

by Pushpesh PantNew Delhi, India, June 24 : Since our ancient ancestors discovered the joys of mistakenly cooked food, there has been no stopping the development of products that reduce the work load in the kitchen.With gadgets and gizmos that sizzle, the art and science of cooking have opened new frontiers.We have come a long way from a pair of palaeolithic knives, mortar n pestle, grinding stone and tongs, to air fryers, smart slow cookers, advanced food processors, and even fully automated fulka-making machines.Just as one trend seems to fade, a new wave of technology entices us with the promise to deliver a large variety of mouth-watering and healthy delicacies in a jiffy.We're talking about kitchen accessories and gadgets.

Over the years, a variety of kitchen appliances has appeared and disappeared with a brittleness.Assorted sandwich makers, battery-operated hand mixers, slow pot cookers, non-aerosol oil sprays, rice cookers, and curd-making machines are offered.Most have gone into disarray without a trace.It isn't always a luxury that makes sense.It is usually the big companies that fuel our greed and instill a sincere desire that most often.

Making an educated decision is becoming increasingly difficult.To our mind, the dishwasher is the most practical appliance in the kitchen that takes over the dirtyest and most humiliating task for anyone.It is amazing that they haven't made steady strides and that they are now part of an ultra-modern modular kitchen package.It is not only the price, which ranges from Rs.20,000 to Rs.

25,000 to Rs.Many people believe that the vessels used in Indian cooking, including patila, degh, karhai, and metallic thali katora and tumblers, are insufficient for proper cleaning in oven.Although utensils used in western style meals where the main course is a dish served on a plate and the glasses used for wine and water can be given the dishwasher treatment, the Indian housewife or the cook can only be satisfied when the final washing is done manually, and we think that the dishwasher could be a necessity in most urban settings with a little tweaking.As the volumes increase, the prices are bound to fall.Of course, issues regarding the proper availability of electricity and running water would continue to rise.The Air Fryers, which have value tags of up to Rs 8,000-25,000, are on everyone's wish list.

The first generation of air fryers was a bit bulky and deterring.The second generation occupies just a little more space than the good old microwave.The problem is that those who love samosa pakoda prefer to purchase them from the local halwai shop next door or round the corner because they are so devoted to the taste of the local tales fix!As they stray from the path of virtue and swallow the piping hot stuff, they forget all about trans fats.A few months ago, a buzz was generated about the introduction of a fully automated roti maker for NRIs.

All you had to do was measure the flour and water and press the button.The dough was kneaded, cut into patties, rolled into chapatis, and after 5-7 minutes, you could begin collecting fulkas from the shop.The gadget costs just over fifty thousand dollars and is yet to be launched in India.The launch has probably been postponed due to the lukewarm response to this photograph.

Now, the only thing that can be done is to make the bowl of fruits and vegetables ozone free with the aid of a special device.After this, no fruit is allowed, we are told.Since the development of globalization, the younger generation has become averse to foreign snacks like Pizza and barbecued meats and vegetables, as well as real coffee, as opposed to the instant cup, and a whole range of portable barbecues starting at Rs 7,500 and above can be mounted on a small terrace or a crammed balcony.These firang tandoors can be made from charcoal pellets and satisfy the needs of those carnivores who like the aromas of the woods.

With other ingredients readily available in food marts, it is almost impossible not to enjoy this delicious treat at home whenever fancy strikes.These are however prohibitively expensive and are unlikely to reach Indian homes.06e33f12-33a7-496e-a554-d37ae454d7e8:intradminwoodifredover.jpg For the true espresso fan, nothing compares to the high quality provided by real Espresso.Nescafe has developed a machine that mimics Italian barista espresso very closely.

Most people choose the French press, the filter-percolator, or the south Indian coffee decoction maker.429adde3-5548-4c10-a566-2c8d84c6589:intradmincoffoofofz.jpegNew technologies make life simpler, saves time and energy while also removing something tangible from the enjoyment of good life.In the kitchen, science and technology are similar to using programs to create graphics rather than painting, to create cut-and-pasted music.Although this will allow more people to indulge in the culinary world smart appliances will jeopardize the art of cooking.Disclaimer: Although the views expressed in the above article are those of the author and do not represent those of the author.