In the midst of the Covid outbreak, North Korea has reported 15 additional fever deaths.

North Korea has declared its first-ever Covid-19 cases and placed orders for nationwide lockdowns . 42 people have died since the outbreaks began, with 820,620 receiving medical attention .

SEOUL (Second Part I): North Korea reported 15 new deaths from fever on Sunday, just days after officially declaring its first-ever Covid-19 cases and placing orders for nationwide lockdowns.According to Kim Jong Un, the epidemic is causing a lot of turmoil, and places one of the world's worst healthcare facilities on the brink of disaster.North Korea does not have Covid vaccines, antiviral treatment products, or mass-testing capabilities.Although the pandemics started with a rigid coronavirus blockade, experts said that major Omicron infections in neighbouring countries meant it was only a matter of time before Covid snuck in.

On Sunday, official state media organization KCNA announced that 42 people have died since the outbreaks began, with 820,620 people receiving medical attention.According to the news agency, all provinces, cities, and counties of the country have been completely shuttered, and working units, production units, and residential units have been disconnected from each other.Following an emergency meeting of the country's Politburo, North Korea revealed the highly contagious Omicron strain had been detected in the capital on Thursday, with Kim ordering national lockdowns.Kim said Saturday that the outbreak of malignant disease in our region would be a great upheaval.

In a 2021 Johns Hopkins University study, North Koreas healthcare system came in at 193 out of 195 countries.According to KCNA, Kim has said that the country will continue to learn from Chinas pandemic management approach.China, the world's only large economy with a zero-Covid tradition, is facing several Omicron outbreaks, with lockdowns in several major cities, including Shanghai, eliciting increasing public dissatisfaction.North Korea has previously refused Covid vaccines from China and the World Health Organizations' Covax scheme, but Beijing and Seoul have also issued new aid and vaccines since the outbreak was announced.

Kim is planning to conduct another nuclear test, the seventh of the seven regimes, according to the US and South Korea, and it could happen any day.Analysts have warned that Kim may accelerate nuclear testing efforts in an effort to distract North Korea's population from the devastating coronavirus epidemic.