In the Raichur area, an outfit has launched an indefinite protest seeking AIIMS.

Demonstrators are calling for the government to establish an IIT in Raichuru . The state government chose Dharwad instead of Raichuru for political reasons .

Raichuru: Across the district's spheres of expertise, like-minded activists and groups have banded together and declared an indefinite strike to press the state government to revise its decision.The demonstration is being conducted under the banner of the AIIMS Horata Samiti, which acts as the umbrella group for the demonstration.The demonstration, which was launched on Friday at the Mahatma Gandhi Stadium in Raichuru town, seems to be gaining traction as more organisations pledged their support for the cause.Members of the samiti are careful not to allow the demonstration to take a political turn because it is aimed at persuading elected representatives from all sides to address the issue.

Between 2010 and 2016, activists demanded that the government establish an IIT in Raichuru, only to have their hopes derailed as Dharwad was chosen ahead of their district.Raichuru was counted among the state's backward districts, according to AIIMS Horata Samiti convener Basavaraj Kalasa.According to the findings of the Dr Nanjundappa Committee report, the government must have established an IIT in Raichur, but the initiative was diverted to Dharwad for political reasons.We fought for more than six years, but we were denied.

Kalasa told the then chief minister Siddaramaiah that the IIT be established in Raichuru, Mysuru, or Dharwad.As BS Yediyurappa became the CM in 2019, members of the samiti called on him, who assured them that the district would house the country's top medical center, AIIMS.But, Kalasa said, when Basavaraj Bommai became the CM, he wrote to the Centre, requesting that the institution be established in Hubballi-Dharwad.Kalasa questioned the government's double standards by saying that no inspections were made prior to the construction of thermal power plants that pose a danger to the people's wellbeing, while teams were urged to inspect buildings before establishing educational institutions.

Kalasa said that they were determined to keep the war apolitical at all costs and that they would not let go until the government announced that AIIMS would be established in Raichuru.