Increased COVI cases in Belagavi have the people concerned.

Belagavi district has recorded more than 300 new cases of the disease in less than five days . The district recorded 438 cases of Covid-19 in July, compared to 438 in July .

Belagavi residents were understandably worried about the sudden and alarming increase in the number of new Covid-19 cases discovered in the border district.The fact that the district has recorded more than 300 new cases of the disease in less than five days, compared to Belagavi's 438 cases of Covid-19 in July puts the situation in perspective.Belagavi diagnosed 110 cases on Friday, with 63 in the Ramdurga taluk.The Covid curve has risen dramatically thanks to lax compliance with safety legislation and constant rainfall, according to the department of health and family welfare in Belagavi district, who has implemented all necessary precautionary measures to counter the spread of the deadly coronavirus, as well as the efforts made to ensure that the eligible population is properly vaccinated.

Belagavi is a large city with a surprisingly large population.We are leaving nothing to chance, according to a source, and we are going to ramp up awareness campaigns to ensure that the Covid curve in the district flattens.Prakash Waali, a resident of Mahantesh Nagar in Belagavi city, applauded the health department's efforts to discourage the spread of the disease.Prakash said that police must complement the efforts of the healthcare workers by responding to those who aren't adhering to safety guidelines.

Despite the fact that the recovery rate for Covid-19 is 99%, the test positivity rate is only 3.3%.We have just over 330 cases active.We will continue to make sure that safety rules are followed.