India loses to courageous South Africa in men's hockey at CWG 2022

India will face South Africa in the men's hockey semifinals . The South Africans are 13th in the world and are quick on the offensive .

The most talked about the mens hockey tournament has been about who will top Australia.The Down Under team has a reputation for being invincible, and for good reason.Since the introduction of the sport in CWG in 1998, they have won all six gold medals.India was aiming to avoid Aran Zalewski and his squad before the title round, but they did well to avoid them by defeating Pool B in the semifinals on Saturday against a valiant South Africa who defeated New Zealand in their last league outing to end a 20-year semifinal drought.

However, the South Africans, who are 13th in the world, can pose a tough challenge on the field.India's strength is in demolishing opponents' defenders and collecting penalty corners.It will be an uphill battle against an opposition that defends well, is quick on the offensive, and is sharp on penalty corner conversions.India was largely tactic in their group games, but would like to draw some valuable lessons from it, particularly the 4-all draw against England.

Also, the defenders will have to watch their legs in the circle.The strikers, led by Mandeep Singh, will have to work as a team, cover angles, and be precise with their strikes at the goal.Mandeep, who has four goals so far, has slacked inside the circle, particularly with the basics like positioning himself and covering the angles well before shooting at the target.The same thing happened with Akashdeep Singh, a veteran.

With India following a revolving system, second goalkeeper Kishan Pathak will be wary of the South Africans' power and speed.The two teams met for the first time in the FIH Pro League in Potchefstroom earlier this year, when India had defeated them 10-2.