Indian drummers Jagrata win Justin Bieber's affection in a viral video

Justin Bieber is due to perform in New Delhi, India, in October 2022 . The singer-songwriter is due to resume his Justice Tour in Italy on July 31 .

Justin Bieber, an international pop singer who is due to perform in the national capital this October, has enthralled the attention of international pop singers at a jagrata performance.Justin Bieber's heart is occupied by Indian drummers jagrata.A video of the drummer performing on Instagram shows a friend and drummer Devon Taylor in the post.@stixxtaylor, I am planning to do this next performance, he wrote.

Bieber posted the clip on his instagram and tagged his drummer, encouraging him to do so in his next gig.Justin's post has caused a stir on social media.One commenter said, I'm so cute!Justin is certainly a fan of Indians, according to another article published by Justin.

On October 18, 2022, Justin is due to appear in New Delhi.The India leg of the Justice World Tour will be held at the iconic Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JLN Stadium), New Delhi.After being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt, the singer announced earlier that he was compelled to postpone his Justice Tour.The singer shared a video message revealing that he was suffering from partial facial paralysis as a result of a viral infection.

In an Instagram video, Bieber detailed his facial paralysis.This eye is not blinking, as you can see.On this face, I can't smile.In June, the singer-songwriter informed his followers that this nostril would not move, and that there is total paralysis on this side of my face.

It was not really an unusual and unusual scenario, she said.Justin Bieber's Justice tour may take place in early August in Europe.On July 31, Bieber will resume his world tour at the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy.