Indian hostages in Myanmar are being held by four companies, according to MEA.

Foreign Ministry says four companies involved in Myanmars work entrapment scam have been identified . So far, the authorities have rescued 32 people .

HYDERABAD: The foreign ministry reported on Friday that it had identified four companies involved in Myanmar's work entrapment scam, and that it is currently working on rescuing the Indians, which are around 100 to 150 men, who are still stranded there.So far, the authorities have rescued 32 people.However, people from Hyderabad and Delhi who have returned said that at least 500 Indians are feared to be stranded there.At least 10-20 Indians are taken to Myawaddy and Mae Sot every day.

Myawaddy, along the Thai-Myanmar border, is said to be largely populated by Chinese nationals.If we are to survive, the Indian government should immediately take steps, according to a Mumbai IT professional trapped there.These job seekers are escorted to Bangkok by the PoE office and are quickly transferred to Myanmar, according to the PoE office.Since the mission is not informed by the survivors or their relatives, tracking their arrival and departure is not possible.

Since then, the MEA has been doing everything possible to help these Indian nationals by conducting missions in Thailand and Myanmar.According to the PoE, our ambassades in Yangon and Bangkok have issued warnings and have been actively discussing the situation with local authorities.It was also shown that in many cases people had accepted these roles despite being warned about the consequences.According to the article, it has been noted that some Indians are actively involved in scamming jobs and have a decent compensation incentive to lure other Indian nationals.