Indian judokas receive a clean bill of health:

Judo Federation of India said the trio were involved in some kind of scandal . Judo Federation of India said the athletes were involved in some kind of scandal .

A coach said on Wednesday that two Indian judokas and their coach, who were embroiled in a controversy involving female athletes in Spain where they had gone for an exposure trip, have been stripped of the charges against them.Following the revelation that they were involved in an unsavoury and brutal incident involving female athletes from the host country, the trio was recalled back from a month-long trip to Spain on Monday.The Indians were not involved in the incident, according to the women, who have written about it.So no lawsuit was lodged against them.

The Judo Federation of India, which is run by administrator Justice Pankaj Naqvi, said in a statement that the Indian athletes were involved in some kind of scandal, although it did not specify whether it was a brawl or something else.The Spanish judo team has sent a note to us.According to JFI, some serious incident occurred, and it has recalled the sports persons involved in the investigation to India.A 30-member Indian contingent, which includes Birmingham Commonwealth Games-bound judokas, is currently stationed in Alicante, Benidorm, Spain.

They took part in the Madrid European Open and will be a part of the European international training camp.