India's first inexpensive speciality coffee business that uses technology plans a PAN-India expansion

abCoffee is one of Mumbais best-rated coffee brands . It is the first ever tech-enabled specialty coffee offered at affordable prices .

abCoffee, India's first tech-enabled and inexpensive specialty coffee brand, has announced plans to expand outside Mumbai (Maharashtra) on September 23 (SRV).abCoffee, one of Mumbai's best-rated coffee brands, is currently operational in Andheri and Powai.It is the first ever tech-enabled specialty coffee offered at affordable prices, serving the best of Indian coffee at honest prices thanks to its innovative coffee decks.Since its inception, the new-age brand has strived to become India's favorite coffee shop in every corner, according to Abhijeet Anand, CEO and Founder of abCoffee.

We also aim to honor the spirit of cultural regeneration and the spirit of dreamers and change makers in the society who make this world a better place to live, including Abhijeet's 14 months of exploration, visiting over 200 cafes in 20 states in India, living and experiencing coffee with coffee farmers in Chikmanglur, and speaking with thousands of coffee lovers and experts, to grasp the urgency of rising India and the desire of providing the best of Indian coffee at affordable prices, which we can consume Abhijeet explained that his vision was clear from the start.We wanted to offer a premium coffee blend that was both premium and familiar to the Indian palate.After months of testing and testing, we came up with our signature blend-roasted and blended in a unique way to give you the best flavor and taste in your coffee: The Indian way: Bold, Aromatic, and long after taste.abCoffee was founded in India by Abhijeet Anand, an IIT Alumni with an award-winning career in the Oil and Gas Industry, who set the benchmark for the best of industry standards, including sourcing the best coffee beans and working with passionate barista partners.Abhijeet shares his story of how to make it to the European-style fast grab-and-go premium coffee market in India.

But thanks to the amazing coffee I had in Europe, I became a coffee lover when I returned back to India in 2021.But in India, not much had changed in terms of coffee then.For a person like me who consumes coffee thrice a day, I still had to shell out 200-300 rupees per cup of cappuccino, which was about 24 thousand per month.The research, the problem statement grill, and the seeds of abCoffee were planted here.AbCoffee introduced two coffee decks in Mumbai in 2 months (Versova and Powai), and is now on track to expand globally to democratize specialty coffee in India.