Ineffective power maintenance in Bhopal

Following heavy rain on Wednesday, major parts of the city fell into disarray . Discom administrators maintain that power outages during the initial stage of the monsoon are normal .

BHOPAL: We are all happy now that it has started raining after three months of scorching heat, but we keep our fingers crossed as it begins raining, fearing that the electricity supply will be interrupted at any moment.My daughter rushes downstairs to remind me that if it begins raining, I should get an inverter at home, because not only will her studies be affected, but also my computer will be offline.Since I am working from home, I think she is correct, said Atul Tiwari, a software programmer who lives in a Trilanga community.Atul is correct in assuming that the city's power supply is interrupted every time it rains.

Discom administrators also maintain that power outages during the initial stage of the monsoon are normal, but that as the rains subside, they would be rare.However, people have a valid argument.Why should there be any interruption of electricity supply during the first few days of monsoon rainfall?If the power discoms keep electricity supply off for hours in the pre-monsoon season in the name of maintenance?

And, if the officials claim it happened on Wednesday only, they are incorrect.When it rained heavily on Sunday evening or Monday, there was load-shedding in our area not only during the rainfall but also late in the night, and on both occasions, we had to wake up from sleep because it was very stuffy, said Ashok Nayak, a resident of E-8, Arera Colony.