Inmate video goes viral; jail chief wants a report

Punjab prison minister Harjot Singh Bains sought a report from the prison department . Former prisoner Bharat Chauhan recorded his video and posted it on social media .

Ludhiana: After a Ludhiana Central Jail Inmate recorded his video and posted it on social media, Punjab prison minister Harjot Singh Bains sought a report from the prison department, which accused the jail workers of torture.Bharat Chauhan, a former prisoner who was initially held in Amritsar and later transferred to Ludhiana prison for administrative reasons just a few days earlier, said he had taken to his computer the he said that five staffers of Ludhiana central jail thrashed him mercilessly when he petitioned the jail authorities.He expressed his displeasure with the behaviour of prison employees towards him, and he admitted that he was deeply indignant with him.Chauhan, who was seeking revenge from the government, claimed that he had no other choice but to commit suicide if not punished.

On the other hand, jail superintendent Shivraj Singh has denied the charges and said that the prisoner used to cause fear.Chauhan and other prisoners had gone to another barrack to thrash other prisoners, according to Chauhan, who said that the barrack staffers used moderate force to keep the prisoners from being thrashing.The prisoner also demonstrated how mobile phones are readily available in Ludhiana prison.Videos from the Ludhiana jail have also surfaced for the first time.A group of Ludhiana jail inmates held a hookah and liquor party in prison earlier in May 2021.

Following the release of the case report, an investigation was launched, in which three of the jail staffers were suspended and one for trespass.The police teams were compelled to shoot gunshots in June 2019.Despite the fact that some inmates survived to flee, a number of videos of live firing and clashes, which were captured by the prisoners, had made it to social media.When asked how mobile phones made it to the jail, the minister said, We file an FIR in every recovery of a cell phone, a SIM card, or other illegal items.

We're working on it to completely eliminate the selling of illegal items in the jail.