Interview with Nanda Gopal Gupta: I urged the police to act like luxury car salesmen. They are chasing you to make that purchase if you show intent. If an industry shows interest, give it your all.

Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure and Industrial Development Minister Nanda Gopal Gupta is in charge of one of the most important portfolios in the Yogi Adityanath-II government . Gupta: Uttar Pradesh has all of the necessary conditions for industrialization growth .

Nanda Gopal Gupta, the Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure and Industrial Development Minister, is in charge of one of the most important portfolios in the Yogi Adityanath-II government.The CM and Prime Minister will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on June 3, securing Rs 75,000 crore in funding, while the state has set a target of raising Rs 10 lakh crore in the next two years.An interview with Maulshree Seth of Gupta, who was also in the first Adityanath government, is included in the Yogi-II Government's focus areas.Do you agree that Rs 70,000 crore worth of initiatives or Rs 10 lakh crore investments are too ambitious?

We must believe in ourselves, and we will achieve the same result as the perception of Uttar Pradesh has changed.A common man might not have anything to do with Mukhtar Ansari or Atiq Ahmed, but when a bulldozer moves on illegal land, the common man praises Modiji and Yogiji.The atmosphere that has been created is pro-business, as shown by the above-mentioned example.Uttar Pradesh has risen to be India's most favored industrialization destination, and is one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Population is one of them.Though some people refer to it as a weakness, we regard it as our greatest strength.All the major companies want to invest in UP, and we are creating the right environment for them.To ensure safe and confidential service, we are recruiting deputy SP-rank officers at industrial police stations.Since several initiatives have been implemented in the last five years and have yielded results, we may well go beyond the Rs 75,000 crore target for June 3.Mazboot (strong) governments at the Centre as well as the state have also made a variety of changes, which will help ensure that targets are met.

You visit showrooms or just show your intention to buy a four-wheeler, and they are after your life until you make that purchase.We must do so in a very similar fashion.We are bound to give that inquiry our 100 percent if any industry shows an interest to invest.Officials have been asked to designate a nodal person for every investigation, show them locations they may be interested in, and make sure they are cleared quickly.

One of your first disciplinarian actions was to tackle faults in NOIDA, which was considered a risk-free area.For one or the other reason, industrial development authorities in the NCR region have long been chastised.Is it an indication that your government wants to reform things?NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, or YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) are three separate countries.

We are nothing in NOIDA and other industrial players in the region, however.In the recent years, our government has attempted to clear up many areas in the area, but a great deal has yet to be accomplished.We are certain to adorn NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, and YEIDA like the crowns of Uttar Pradesh.If CEOs are appointed, why not use those powers to create a vibrant city?We would provide such facilities, facilities, and climate that people will appreciate the difference when they step into NOIDA from Delhi.Why does NOIDA lack the aura of other NCR regions?

We have tried to do a lot more in the last five years, but nobody wants to loan someone a loan if they lose credibility.Though credit has a set price and no set time limit, NOIDA's system failed to achieve credibility.I'm saying this with reason.They gave builders the rights to sell flats, obtain loans from banks, and also allowed them to pay the remaining 90% in ten years by taking just 10% of the project cost.

Land was given for Rs 1,150 per meter, with around Rs 6,000 being taken as a bribe.We are trying to restore credibility.Once completed, projects such as the Jewar International Airport in NOIDA will become one of Uttar Pradesh's most revenue producing projects.Loudoun County, Virginia, and Greater NOIDA have signed an agreement to act as sister cities, which can be improved further to mutually excel in the areas of culture, education, research, technology, and agriculture.This will all change the way NOIDA or Greater NOIDA is looked at.

What is the next stepWe are taking the Bundelkhand Expressway and the Ganga Expressway at a fast pace.The next goal will be to industrialize expressways.Greater NOIDA will not be repeated, and such programs have been implemented.We are making further revisions to policies in order to attract businesses and also ensure that only those that are legitimate come.

On social media, videos of your visits went viral.People have a way of thinking about life the way they want.What's important is that I am giving my full attention to what my superiors expect of me to accomplish.To better understand the locals' problems, they asked me to go to Dalit bastis and hold chaupals.

My social media team may have taken pictures of how I lived like them, how they talked to me about their challenges.I bathed by a hand pump.A family told me that if they earn their wages in bricks to build walls of their kuchcha home, they are not eligible for government housing schemes.When the Chief Minister was reviewing the progress report this Tuesday, my viral video caught his attention and I shared the difficulty that villagers face in accessing the housing scheme.

So my doing 100% what my bosses told me to do, living with villagers, helped countless people around the state.Maulshree Seth is a Principal Correspondent at....