IPL 2022: KKR's odds of qualifying increase to about 19 percent, while SRH's chances drop to around 13 percent - All playoff possibilities in 11 points

IPL 2022 is the IPL 2022 season's penultimate week . There are only 9 games remaining in the league, but that translates into 512 possible outcomes .

With the penultimate week of IPL 2022 approaching, there are now only 9 games remaining in the league, but that also translates into 512 possible outcomes.Each of these possibilities is considered to gauge individual teams' odds of making it to the playoffs.Despite the fact that MI and CSK will no longer qualify for the playoff stage, three of the four top spots remain open on Sunday morning, May 15.GT is the only team to have qualified for the playoffs so far, while KKR is clinging on to its chances of qualifying for the next level after Saturday's victory.

* CSK is in the same boat as MI.After winning vs. SRH on Saturday, KKR has doubled its chances of making it to the top four.They may manage to finish third on the points table, but they could share the honor with four to six teams.After the league stage, they will finish eighth on the points table.

*PBKS is matched step by step with DC, and their odds of making it to the top four have also increased to 50%.PBKS is also unable to take the top spot in the standings, as their best chance is now in joint second place with three to four other contenders.* After losing to KKR on Saturday, SRH's odds of finishing in the top four have decreased to 12.5%.They now have the worst chance of qualifying among all teams.

They are also no longer in the top of the points charts.They can at the very least finish second, a position they will share with three to four teams.*RR has a 93.8% chance of finishing in the top four in terms of points.Their best chance is to secure a first-class spot that they can share with two to three teams.

Their first IPL season is over, and they could be on target to finish in the top three spots.They may be joint first with three teams, joint second with up to four teams, and joint third with up to three teams.GT, which is also in its first IPL season, remains the only team with guaranteed qualification and will not go further than a three-way tie for the top spot in which it places third on the net run rate.In other words, bet on PBKS and DC to prevent them from advancing to the playoffs.

How we calculate these probabilities:With 9 matches remaining, we examined all 512 possible results combinations.We assumed that the odds of either team winning a contest were even.We then analyzed how many of the combinations placed each team in one of the top four positions by points.We have a probability of success as a function of this indicator.

That would give us a 93.8% chance.We do not factor in net run rates or no results because predicting them in advance is impossible.On Monday morning, take a look at our revised predictions, which will take into account the results of Sundays matches.