Is Nishikant the ED's spokesman: Cong

The Election Commission is probing JMM chief Hemant Soren for office-of-profit . The JMM is on the verge of stalemate with the ED probing CM Hemant Soren for office-of-profit .

Ranchi: The leaders of Jharkhand's political parties are treading the subject carefully after accusing the BJP-led government at the heart of misusing resources to threaten the opposition and settle political disputes.The JMM is on the verge of stalemate, with the Election Commission (EC) probing CM Hemant Soren for office-of-profit, as well as the Jharkhand HC pressuring the government on the matter, other than the investigation department (ED) extending its investigation scope to mining.The Congress has asked Nishikant Dubey, a BJP MP from Godda, to be the spokesperson for ED in Jharkhand, as he is narrating ED activities in Jharkhand even before, as the central authority is playing a different game here, as no statement has been made since raids and detention of at least two high-profile individuals and examining them for over a week at its zonal office.Details about Jharkhand's operations were missing on Saturday when the agency updated its website with information about events taken in different parts of the country.

Two prosecution complaint cases were filed in a special court in Vishakhapatnam relating to multi-level marketing fraud and multi-crore banking fraud in Andhra Pradesh, but nothing else was revealed about him.Two cases of West Bengal were reported on Friday, while one of them was of Madhya Pradesh (also linked to Goa) and Uttar Pradesh, respectively.The department is however leaking information selectively based on reports published in news outlets.Pooja Singhal, the then state mines secretary who was later suspended after her arrest, is a first.

Up to the time we published this paper, calls, emails, and texts to ED officials remained unanswered.Rajiv Ranjan Prasad, a spokesperson for the Rajasthan Congress, smells a political motive behind the ED intervention.Speaking with him at a time when the ED officials are tight-lipped, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has all the facts and is the first one to tweet about the ED activities, he said.The ED should clarify if it has asked Dubey to act as the spokesperson and, if not, to sue him.

We want to know if the ED is working on a scripted novel in Jharkhand, he said, urging the central department's officials to publish a statement on their activities and findings.