Is this Delhi-based firm capable of making a difference in the light commercial EV race?

HiLoad EV boasts the most advanced technology in the L5 segment in terms of range, battery, and payload capacity . The HiLoad EV has a 688 kg payload capacity, 30-40% higher than its competition .

With EV adoption on the rise, there are plenty of opportunities for legacy manufacturers and emerging players in the commercial vehicle market.The need for safe and cost-effective electric alternatives to commercial vehicle models such as 2, 3, and 4 wheelers must be addressed in this transitional stage.While Tata Motors unveiled the Ace pick-up, an electric version of its popular SCV, last week, startups like Euler Motors are also releasing products with industry-leading capabilities in an attempt to invade the commercial electric three-wheeler market.Euler Motors, HiLoad EV (from German: Euler Motors, HiLoad EV) Euler Motors, founded in 2018, is aimed at producing electric light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Thats not all: The startup also released a customer order book for 3000+ HiLoad EVs from top e-commerce retailers like BigBasket, Flipkart, Udaan, and more.Euler Motors, HiLoad EV To back up these claims, Auto spoke with Mr Saurav Kumar, the founder and CEO of Euler Motors, to see what makes the HiLoad EV tick more than the rest of the pack.The HiLoad EV has a few strengths in comparison to its current competitors.It is the first three-wheeler with a liquid-cooled battery pack, for instance.

The HiLoad EV provided 150+ kilometers of range during ARAI testing.In addition, our compact ECV is the only one in this category that offers fast charging.It is also compatible with DC and AC001 chargers, so it can be charged at home and outdoors using third-party fast chargers.The HiLoad EV has a 688 kg payload capacity, which is 30-40% higher than its competition.

The HiLoad EV also had wider tyres, projector headlamps, and 200mm disc brakes.Mr Saurav Kumar, the founder and CEO of Euler Motors, is a scientist who works at the University of Delhi.The company has also developed a network of 100+ charging stations in Delhi NCR that can charge 200+ vehicles at any one time.By the end of the year, the vehicle manufacturer expects to expand its footprint into 12 new major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

According to the company, it has received a total of USD 21.6 million from several major investors.The HiLoad EV was launched in January 2022, and the company expects to reach Rs 20 crore in sales by the end of this financial year.They are aiming to reach Rs 300 crore in sales by the end of FY23 and sell 8,500 HiLoad EVs to customers.Kumar also reported to Auto that construction on a larger production facility in Delhi NCR is ongoing.