It was a tough time after the accident because I was jobless for a year. Dhillon, Ihana

Ihana Dhillon was injured in a serious crash last year . She was hospitalized for a month after a month due to eight illnesses .

Ihana Dhillon, an acrobat who was injured in a serious crash last year, claims that her recovery took a whole year due to which she lost out on work.However, she claims she is able to return to work and that she will bounce back.Excerpts from a chat with her.Last year, you were involved in an accident.

It was a very sad thing.I was hospitalized for a month after a month due to eight illnesses.It took me almost a year to recover, but I'm better now thanks to gods grace.It was a difficult time in my life, as I lost most of my work, of which I had shot about 70%.

First, the pandemic and then the accident cost you money.What made you cope with the pressure?I'm a very sharp person, so it's likely that this has prepared me to face and recover from the crash.During my recovery period, I did a lot of meditation and now I am feeling mentally and physically stronger.

Everyone had to face a difficult time during the pandemic.It affected people both emotionally and physically, and we all lost so many loved ones.It was scary to travel during the pandemic, but now we are back to work.Although COVID hasn't completely dissipated, we are able to travel around with less anxiety and health risks are diminishing.

Your most recent Punjabi film Bhoot Uncle Tusi Great Ho was an ambitious idea, but it didn't receive enough reviews.Were you disappointed?You may be my guest.These things are never frustrating to me.

Yes, I had worked hard and given it my best, but which movie makes it work or doesn't, is beyond our reach.As an actor, it's our job to give our best to the role we're playing, the rest is the audience's call.This film was important to me because it introduced me to stunts for the first time.For this film, I also met Jaya Prada maam and Raj Babbar sir, co-actors, who I really appreciated.

Is there a handful of Hindi projects in the works both on OTT and cinemas?Golgappe is the next film to be released in Punjabi later this year, though it is likely to be released in Punjabi.