It was wonderful to play on the same team as my brother Yusuf.

Irfan Pathans is playing in the Legends League at Ekana Stadium . He says he is enjoying playing with players from different nations .

All-rounder Irfan Pathan's association with Lucknow has come a full circle from a Ranji match in Lucknow during the early stages of his career to playing as a veteran in the Legends League at Ekana Stadium.Pathan discusses his travels and being in the same team with his brother Yusuf Pathan, according to Fazal Khan.What does it feel like playing a Legends League tournament?It's a great experience to play and lead a team (Bhilwara Kings) says the author.

This year, the Legends League is getting bigger and better.Has anyone played cricket in Lucknow in the past?I've played a Ranji match at the BBD University ground in Lucknow.I was a part of the Vadodara team.

I love Lucknow's hospitality and the delicious food I get here.You came here in the early part of your career and now you are a veteran.What do you see?We are playing very competitive matches as if we had gone back in time.

The pressure is the same as in international matches.We all retired recently, and we were enjoying ourselves on the field.Do you think Ashwin will be a big part of the T20 team?I think Yuzvendra Chahal is the right choice for the team.The board will make the decision.

I get advice from my personal physiotherapists.During the course, however, the physios and support staff are very helpful, and they are making every effort to keep me calm.I follow their schedule, and the Patthan brothers play in the same franchise.How do you feel?I'm glad we're playing in the same franchise together.

As captain, I am leading the team, and Yusuf Pathan is swaying and redistributing the pressure.In the Legends League, we dreamed of working together as a team.Did Pant bat up in the order?Is Dinesh Kartik a good enough wicketkeeper and finisher?It's great that the team management has selected a senior player like Dinesh Kartik.

Pant is our next big star, I would say.You've also dabbled a bit in modelling.How was the experience When I first started as a cricketer, I had no idea how to be comfortable and carry myself.I didnt even have the confidence to comb my hair properly.

I'm also an actor and model.My wife gets the credit for this makeover.