Jaani Master is thanked by Jacqueline Fernandez for the song "Ra Ra Rakkamma"

Jacqueline Fernandez and Vikrant Rona have been in a joint appearance on Vikrant Rona . The actress took to Twitter to thank each other for their performance .

Jacqueline Fernandez's latest song performance, Ra Ra Rakkamma from Vikrant Rona, has wowed millions of people.Since being greeted with positive feedback for the film and her stunning choreography, the actress took to her Twitter pages to thank each other and have a look at their chat.The song also featured Kiccha Sudeep, and the actor also showcased his dancing skills.Vikrant Rona's promotional interviews continued to maintain that he is not a bad dancer, but the song suggests otherwise.His songs were also included in a single take.

Nirup Bhandari, Neeta Ashok, Ravi Shankar Gowda, and Jacqueline Fernandez are among the guests on Vikrant Rona.The film is doing great at the box office and is on target to reach the Rs 200 crore mark.