Jahangirpuri violence: The accused's request for anticipatory release is denied by the court

Delhi court dismisses the anticipatory bail request of an accused of Jahangirpuri violence . The judge Gagandeep Singh of Rohini District Court denied the accuseds anticipatory bail request on Thursday .

New Delhi, India, July 7: A Delhi court dismissed the anticipatory bail request of an accused of Jahangirpuri violence that took place on April 16 during a festival in the vicinity of Hanuman Jayanti, according to Judge Gagandeep Singh of Rohini District Court, who denied the accused's anticipatory bail request on Thursday, citing the serious charges against him.According to the judge, the charges against the accused are serious.I am of the opinion that there is no excuse for exchanging the accused's anticipatory bail.According to the accused's counsel, the appeal moved on behalf of the accused has been dismissed because the accused was not identified or seen around or near the site of the stampede on April 16th, according to the accused's counsel.

The terrace of the only owned house by the accused has also been found with incriminating evidence.He is evading capture, according to the court.The court ruled that the claim of the accused that the terrace of the house from which the suspected rioting material was recovered was not in the defendant's possession, and that this is a fact in question that cannot be explained at this time.It is also not disputed that the said premises were the property of the accused applicant herein.