Jamia is in trouble when central funding runs out.

Jamia Millia Islamia is facing a financial crisis as funds are not being distributed by the central government . Majid Jamil, president of the university, says the university is facing a financial crisis .

New Delhi: According to Majid Jamil, president of Jamia Millia Islamia, the university is facing a financial crisis as funds are not being distributed by the central government, according to several teachers and top officials of the administration.The university has yet to receive Rs 80 crore from the government, of which Rs 9 crore is pending for medical expenses.The university's facilities and academics are also being affected, according to Jamil, who said that a JTA team met with M Jagadesh Kumar, the chairperson of the University Grants Commission (UGC), two months earlier.Jamil said: We alerted the chairperson of the commission about the financial crisis and demanded that funds be distributed.

The building system is in such bad shape that there is no money for even maintenance and repair.Lifts and air-conditioners are also not working.When we ask the university administration, they reply that the funds have not been released by the government.The academic and research grants are also not being released due to this.

Vice-chancellor Najma Akhtar of JMI said to him, We are disbursing whatever money we receive.Since we haven't had enough funds to pay for medical bills and pensioners, we've been unable to pay them.How are we supposed to pay if we do not receive funds from the ministry?Any employees are now receiving their salaries, except those at the centers that operate in project mode and are not in permanent positions.

We are compelled to do so many new things, but how are we supposed to do so without having funds?