Jayathirtha claims that Kashi has elevated Banaras to a state of visual splendour.

Jayathirtha's latest film, Banaras, is set in Banaras, also known as Kashi, in North India . The director talks of Kashis famed vibe that has been captured on film .

The director talks of Kashis' famed vibe that has been captured on film.Basking in the success of his last outing, Bell Bottom, director Jayathirtha is on to test the waters with Banaras.He has created a love story set in Banaras, also known as Kashi, in North India, in collaboration with youngster Zaid Khan and Sonal Monterio.Jayathirtha says about the filming process, We have made this film with the greatest enthusiasm.

We can always return the money they invested on a film, but not the cost.We've also created a love tale keeping that in mind.I like working with freshcomers because you can mold them into the character.The music, graphics, and performances are fantastic.

It's the mood.The vibe of Kashi is evident in the photograph.We, as a team, have attempted to capture the people, culture, customs, and everything about Kashi in this film.This mood cannot be expressed in terms, but it can only be felt, as shown in our film.

This is a story-driven film.I know it's a gamble to cast a newcomer for a pan-India film, but it's worked in our favour.Fans have anumite aspirations from actors, and these actors are under pressure to fulfill those aspirations.Thats not to say that newcomers are unfair.

We can shape them the way we like.I am mainly an acting coach, having previously worked with actors like Yash and Rishab Shetty.When asked how the film was made, Jayathirtha says, Zaid approached me right after Bell Bottom.I had preconceived notions about him, that he was a wealthy, spoilt kid.

He was enthralled by my line, and he loved it.Later, I wrote the whole story, which was successful, and the film went viral.Since the name was unveiled, Jayathirtha says, All came together like a glove as I completed this story and attempted to frame it in Banaras.In this region of the world, there is a certain simiability.

In Banaras, there is a Kaala Bairava temple that represents the past, present, and future.We have also made a few shots so that they themselves reflect the film's mood.The background gives the dialogues a slew of punch, which is the film's single standout feature.According to him, we also shot a scene in the Bharath Mata temple, a one-of-a-kind temple in the world dedicated to our nation.

As we need to welcome the new-age crowd to the theatres, I have chosen the time travel and time loop.Anyone who loves Banaras, Lord Shiva, and Shiva's vibe should check out this movie.After seeing this film, I'm sure people would want to go to Kashi, he says.