Jharkhand villagers struggle to verify Aadhaar data due to incorrect addresses and age information.

Jharkhand villagers say they have been unable to update their details on their biometric and demographic information . The 12-digit biometric identification is mandatory for enrollment in such programs .

Errors in names, dates of birth, or addresses on Aadhaar cards have resulted in the absence of a hassle-free way to rectify such errors in many villages in Jharkhand where the 12-digit biometric identification is mandatory for enrollment in such programs.Jeetrai Samant, a 42-year-old beedi worker in Doipai village of West Singhbhum, was shocked to receive two letters requesting him to appear before the judge or At the Muffasil Police Station in October, a trial of bribes and criminal treachery had been filed against Samant, who had informed him in September that his account number was connected to another individual's account number, and had told him to return the money he had borrowed two years earlier.During the Covid lockout, I went to a Common Service Center to check the balance in my Aadhaar-linked account.It showed a balance of Rs 1,12,000.

I rushed to the bank, where the manager informed me that the amount had possibly been credited by the government as Covid relief, he said.Samant, who belongs to the Ho tribe of Jharkhand, said he was constantly withdrawing the money to help his family, which includes his wife and six children.Mere Aadhaar is a term that means nothing more than jankari, because it means the bina dusre kisi ka khata mein link kar diya gaya.Do saal tak bank dwara is sambandh mein koi jankari nahi diya gaya (Its not my fault.

The bank did not inform me in the last two years.Calls and messages to the Grameen Bank officials, asking to know how Samants Aadhaar was linked to another person's account, went unanswered.According to Pawan Pathak, the station's in-charge, the bank made a mistake.We are looking at the case.We travelled through the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand and met villagers who expressed their dissatisfaction with the Aadhaar database for their biometric and demographic information.

Sidhu, a four-year-old orphan, could not attend a school because he does not have an Aa There are at least 12 such children in the village, and the problem extends to foodgrains because their part of the entitlement is not given.Kair Bairi, who gave shelter to two orphans ten years ago, claims she was unable to have their names listed on the family's ration card due to the absence of Aadhaar.I cant get their names on my ration card without Aadhaar.According to her, I must be their legal guardian in order to get their Aadhaar card issued.I could not even get them to attend public schools in West Singhbhum district, which has 1,510 primary schools for students in grades 1-5.

Aadhaar is not mandatory for enrollment, according to Kiran Pasi.Despite visiting the enrolment centers several times, a number of villagers in the district said they have been unable to correct or update their Aadhaar details.In Chota Lagiya village of Khuntpani block, the Chipti Kuis Aadhaar card indicates her year of birth as 1995.She has three children under the age of 45, all of whom are under the age of 65, but I do not receive an old age pension because my Aadhaar card has the wrong date of birth.

I don't know what to do, she said.I am attempting to get the date of birth changed, but when I go to the enrollment center, I am required to carry an official ID or proof of birth.Vikram Bari is unable to open a bank account or obtain a ration card in Bamebasa village of Tonto block because of a age disparity on his Aadhaar and voter identification card.Vikram's Aadhaar says he is 101 years old, but his voter ID says he is 49 years old as of 2007.

His father died a long time ago.What happens to get an Aadhaar card now?Ananya Mittal, the West Singhbhum deputy commissioner, said: Well soon, many villages will have camps to check Aadhaar records and address pension issues.We will also make sure that orphaned children are not denied their share of ration, according to a UIDAI official who requested anonymity: As far as the bank account, which was tied to someone else's Aadhaar, is concerned, this is clearly the bank's mistake.

When it comes to denial of loans due to a lack of Aadhaar, one must recognize that the state government, and specifically the Department of Information Technology, is the nodal agency for enrollment, since it has the resources to address any issue.Nonetheless, the government may make a specific inquiry about a particular problem and take a look at it.The official explained that changing the date of birth in the Aadhaar card is not an easy feat.The application is then forwarded to Bengaluru, where there are chances that it will be rejected because the system is automated, according to the man.