Jifri Muthukoya Thangal, a Samastha leader in Kerala, claims that girls are shy when they are invited on stage.

Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama rallies its members to defend the conduct of M T Abdulla Musaliyar . Musaliyar had publicly chastised organizers of a gathering for inviting a Class X girl student on the stage .

KOZHIKODE: Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama defied the opposition on Saturday by rallying its members to defend the conduct of M T Abdulla Musaliyar, who had publicly chastised the organizers of a gathering for inviting a Class X girl student on the stage to honor her achievements.The leaders made further divisive remarks on Saturday, claiming that they see a lot of benefits in the way Samastha has done for nearly 100 years, in which girls who have reached an age are forbidden on stage.The Samasthas education arm reaffirmed their position in a press release.Samastha's policy is to not require older girls to participate in public activities.

In a news conference, Samastha president Syed Muhammad Jifri Muthukoya Thangal said that Musaliyar had no intention to insult the child.Musaliyar knew she was a small girl, according to him.She has already become a woman when she is a student who has passed the 10th grade.If his intention was to insult her, he should have told her not to get on the stage.

He also observed that women are prone to this timidity.The Musaliyar wondered if she was suffering from an emotional condition and if more girls were allowed to participate in this struggle.He wondered if more of them were invited like this, would they not face more stress than joy?Thangal said he told someone he knows that girls shouldn't be invited like this ever again.

Thangal said it was impossible to do so suddenly, answering reporters' concerns about the necessity of bringing women to public forums.There are certain requirements for public forums.There are some Islamic laws that exist.These are not man-made laws.

It was not a big deal, he said, that the child welfare commission investigated the matter.Musaliyar said he used to honor senior girl students who have completed their education but not by inviting them to the stage.We used to give the gifts to the students' guardians.The girls, their mothers, and other members of their family would be stranded elsewhere.

They will be behind a curtain, and they will enjoy it from there.Musaliyar said that they would express their joy there.Thangal said he was unaware if he knew the laws or not in response to governor Arif Muhammed Khan's response to the issue.