K Kavitha, a TRS legislator, criticises the BJP for upsetting communal peace.

Telangana MLC Kavitha said the BJP is attempting to break the community and break social harmony . She encouraged the women to oppose the BJP over the states skyrocketing price rise and unemployment .

On September 24, BJP accused the BJP of jeopardizing the national unity and promoting the TRS administration's pro-people and welfare-oriented agenda in Kammarpally, Balkonda.The BJP is attempting to break the community and break social harmony.I want to inquire with the BJP if they have a solution to the country's rising inflation and unemployment rate.They should look at CM KCR, who acknowledges and celebrates all faiths in the state, Kavitha said at the reception.

I would like to ask MP Aravind how many jobs the union government offered relative to their impossibly high hopes.Over 2 lakh jobs and more than a million jobs were awarded to the youth by the CM KCR.What did the BJP give to the world during her address?MLA Kavitha said, When comparing Uttar Pradesh to Telangana, only 70 lakh people out of 23 crore people are receiving pensions, whereas in Telangana, which has a population of 4 crore, the State Government has provided 48 lakh pensions ranging from Rs 2016 to Rs 3016.