K Sera Sera joins forces with Mahesh and Vikram Bhatt to establish India's first Virtual Production Studio.

K Sera Sera Box Office Pvt. Ltd., Indias largest Digital Services Provider, is on a constant quest to provide high-quality, modern-age, and cutting-edge film services to producers around the world.

Mumbai (Maharashtra), March 2 (India), K Sera Sera Box Office Pvt.Ltd., India's largest Digital Services Provider and a pioneer in the film industry, is on a constant quest to provide high-quality, modern-age, and cutting-edge film services to producers around the world.With this in mind, the organization has joined forces with the renowned filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt to create and deliver India's First Virtual Production Studio-Studio Virtual Worlds!The studio will include innovative filming techniques, a new age technical team, diagrams, post-production, editing, and support for the unreal engine.

It would be a complete production package for all filming needs for Films, TV Drama, and Commercial Content Production.The producer does not have to travel to any location for filming; the location would come to the producer, according to Chairman Satish Panchariya.Virtual Worlds is just apt, considering that it aims to provide every possible, impossible, and conceivable world to the media industry.Overall, Studio Virtual Worlds will be India's first end-to-end virtual production studio.

The studio will be located in Mumbai and will be of great assistance in boosting shoot quality and avoiding expensive reshoots.Vikram Bhatt, a pioneering filmmaker, says, We will collaborate with both traditional Hindi films, Regional films, OTT projects, Music Videos, and Television with our virtual studio.With many foreign companies investing in India, the demand for Indian content in the market is growing day by day.Virtual worlds will provide you with much more value for your dollar than ever before.

The K Sera Sera Group is also committed to funding new projects that focus on the future and give a sense of what the audience is looking for right now.For the past two decades, the company has been involved in 360 degree filmmaking, distribution, and exhibition.Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Partner, Golmaal, Ab Tak Chhappan, and more than 100 blockbuster films have been distributed by the company.With its cutting-edge digital technology, K Sera Sera is one of India's top digital service providers.

Each year, K Sera Sera compiles over 1000 regional and Bollywood content.K Sera Sera was also the first to introduce HD technology to the Indian cinema industry.It also owns a chain of Cinema Miniplex, known as K Sera Sera Miniplex, and Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe, which is the world's first ever dome shaped dine in theater project, bringing a new wave of Indian cinema to the grass roots, at a very affordable price.