Kangana Ranaut is a kind girl, according to Arjun Rampal, who was not hesitant to work with her: I've witnessed her progress.

Arjun Rampal said he was skeptical about working with Kangana Ranaut . He said he has known her for a long time and that he enjoys working with her .

In his twenty-year career, the actor has gone through many ups and downs.Although his filmography has slowed in recent years, the actor is also working on a variety of projects, including the upcoming film Dhaakad with Kangana Ranaut.Arjun said in an interview with Times Of India that he loved working with her and that their relationship goes a long way.Arjun was asked if he was skeptical about working with Kangana, a Bollywood actress, in a recent interview.

He also mentioned that both of them had received their National Awards together, and that after that, she had gone to Arjuns nightclub and partied together.Arjun said that she has come home often and is a sweet girl, and that he has watched her blossom as an actor.He said that he enjoys playing Kangana and had earlier even published a matrimonial bio about her.In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, he described Kangana as a suitable bride, claiming that she is a wonderful actor, a yoga enthusiast, and that she isnt as intense as she appears to be.

Kangana Ranaut plays Agent Agni in Dhaakad.She is out to contact Rudraveer, played by Arjun Rampal, who is the head of a sex trafficking cartel.Saswata Chatterjee is also in the film.Razneesh Ghai plays it.