KCR's Party Leader K Kavitha claims that the BJP is upsetting communal harmony.

Kavitha Kavitha slammed the BJP for trying to divide society . She said the group was trying to break social harmony .

Hyderabad: K. Kavitha, a member of the Legislative Council (MLC) of Telangana, slammed the BJP today, saying that the group was trying to divide the society and break social harmony.Ms Kavitha, the son of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, was speaking at Kammarpalli Balkonda, the annual Bathukamma saree distribution initiative of the Telangana Government.Ms Kavitha claimed that Chief Minister Rao had created more than a million jobs for the states' youth by comparing them to the BJP government at the center.What has the BJP done for the nation, she said.

Ms Kavitha praised the state government's pro-people and welfare-oriented policies, blaming the BJP, the center-right government, for the high cost of living and unemployment in the region.MLC Kavitha said the BJP had failed to fulfill the people's aspirations and asked TRS MP Aravind to tell the people how many jobs the state government had actually created, in comparison to BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh.Whereas in Telangana, which has a population of four crore, the state government has provided around 48 lakh pensions, ranging from Rs 2,016 to Rs 3016.