Khandwa village sees 12 injuries from lightning.

Twelve workers, including nine women, were injured in Indore, India . They were exploring a field when lightning struck them .

In Indore, twelve workers, including nine women, were injured when a lightning strike in a field in the Khandwa area late Wednesday night.The victims were out exploring the field in Kalanka village since it was getting dark at the time, according to police.Suddenly, it started to rain heavily, and they all stood by the side of a truck as a lightning strike in the field about 50 meters away.Though none of them were struck directly by the lightning, they suffered burn injuries because they were so close to it, according to police station in-charge Shivram Jamre.The victims have been named as Anarsi, Resham Bai, Gauri, Chhaya, Rekha, Chhaya, Jyoti, Durga, Mahesh, Maya, Ajay, and Nandram, all residents of Pokhar Khurd village in Pandhana They called an ambulance and alerted the police.

According to Jamre, the condition of Nandram is believed to be fragile.