Kiccha Sudeepa: Over the past two to three years, storytelling has undergone a significant transition.

Kiccha Sudeepa is a Kannada film star who has been in the industry for 25 years . He has been in Bollywood and has appeared in a slew of films, including Bollywood films .

Kiccha Sudeepa, a Kannada film star who is also a familiar face in Bollywood thanks to his involvement in a slew of pan-India films, was in Mumbai to film a trailer for his forthcoming film, Vikrant Rona, which will be dubbed in multiple languages for a pan-India release.Even after a long career in the industry, the actor, who has been in the industry for about 25 years, has been dabbling in various genres of stories and is open to reimagination and experimentation.When we asked him to describe his process as an actor, how he elevates the standard of his performances today, and how he keeps his audience engaged to his art, Kiccha Sudeepa said, I am only going to look forward.I just want to tell stories.

We've all been doing in our film industry, but the way we narrate stories changes with each passing decade.Storying has drastically changed in the last two years alone, if you take a look.We used to have a similar pattern of four-five songs, comedy scenes, action, and amusing things, but with advancements.When we talk about a film today, we talk about the pace, the story, and screenplay, whether the story's content has any correlation to the rest of the story, etc.

After so many years, we are able to see ourselves through our eyes: we want to tell better stories.What should be the process?To begin with, we must prepare ourselves to follow the basic rules of todays cinema.We have to.