Kolkata: A day after the opening, the closed Tala bridge causes traffic jams.

On Thursday evening, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opened the Tala bridge . On Friday morning commuters tried to climb the bridge but found it closed .

KOLKATA, October 17: After the opening of the Tala bridge on Thursday, chaos erupted on Friday, with office workers attempting to climb the bridge but finding it closed.On the B T Road, there were also traffic jams on the B T Road until Bagbazar.On Thursday evening, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opened the bridge.Several commuters spotted the Tala bridge on Friday morning, believing that reopening meant formally reopening the bridge for everyday use.

During office hours, this caused confusion.Souvik Basu, a private company in Sector V, tried to approach Tala bridge but had to cross Paikpara crossing and take the Lockgate flyover.I was confronted with heavy traffic from Sinthee More.However, I was able to reach Shyambazar quickly by crossing the Tala bridge.

Another commuter, Kousik Ghosh, was traveling from Belgharia to Shyambazar.He was also forced to return from the Paikpara crossing.Since the chief minister opened it, I think it is up to use.Who will pay the extra money for the petrol used?

Nobody is there to explain why the museum is still open.In the last two years, we've had a lot.I thought it would get better with time starting on Friday, but it's been a bit frustrating.He said that covering a distance of five minutes took me half an hour.

According to a traffic officer, almost every commuter, either by bike or by car, has asked me if the bridge is open or not, and when it will be ready to use.On Friday morning, police were having trouble coping with traffic on the BT Road and Lockgate flyover.To counteract the Lockgate flyover, the lockgate traffic guard ordered a few buses to take the Paikpara-RG Kar route instead of the Lockgate flyover at times.Simi Khatun, a student, was standing near the Lockgate flyover near her mother to board a bus to Howrah.

We take the bus from the airport to the point where the Lockgate flyover takes place before 1 p.m.Although it's now 12pm, buses are being diverted on RG Kar Road.Khatun explained that there is so much confusion.