KSRTC's diesel supply was cut off, and regular bus service was reduced by 50%.

Petrol companies halt production of diesel as KSRTC has to pay them Rs 135 crore in arrears . Board reduced to 50% of usual bus service to deal with crisis .

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Diesel pollution in KSRTC has resulted in the cancellation of many normal bus services in several districts.Petrol companies have halted the production of diesel as KSRTC has to pay them Rs 135 crore in arrears.To deal with the crisis, the board reduced to 50% of the usual bus service.However, long-running buses with up to speed passengers are being run sans issues.

On Saturday, only 25% of regular bus services will be available, and it is highly likely that all regular bus services will be interrupted on Sunday.The KSRTC leadership has expressed worry that if oil production does not resume, long-distance bus services would be disrupted starting Monday.The management is of the opinion that the long-distance operating buses are the primary income source for the organization.Thus, if these services are also affected by a diesel shortage, KSRTC's revenues would be greatly reduced.

The company claims that the new diesel crisis has arrived because the daily income is now being used to pay employees' wages.The government isn't able to pay the full amount required to pay workers' salaries every month, so the daily income is now being divided into salary segments.As a result, the arrears for paying oil companies increased.Oil companies have stated that they will not resume production unless KSRTC is willing to pay at least Rs 100 crore now.