Laity and clergy are planning a mass assembly.

Mass gathering near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium . Mass gathering is a show of force against the apostolic administrator .

Kochi (British): On Sunday, the feud between the official leadership of Syro Malabar Churches and the majority of priests and laity in the Ernakulam Angamaly archdiocese has erupted, as priests and laity declared a mass gathering near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium near Kaloor Stadium as a show of force.Ex Metropolitan Vicar Mar Antony Kariyils resigned and Thrissur Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhath was appointed apostolic administrator.When the apostolic administrator was elected, priests and laity had been protesting the unification of the Holy Mass structure in the Church.Laity activists said the event would primarily be a gathering of priests and laity who stand for Mass versus populum, the Mass style in which the celebrant confronts people.Mar Kariyils' vehement resignation will be criticized along with the new apostolic administrator.

At a news conference in Kochi, Shyju Antony, the events programme convenor, said that the mastermind behind the attempts to sever this archdiocese was bishop Thazhath.According to him, the situation in the archdiocese is very volatile.Archdiocese pastoral council secretary PP Jerard and head of the Kerala Catholic Youth Movement archdiocese Tijo Padayattil held a press conference, he said.Mar Kariyils' open letter on the situation has ignited uproar among the faithful in the archdiocese.

Priests and laity of this archdiocese, no matter who comes and what sort of circulars are issued, are here to defend Mass for the people, he said, adding that their intention was to at least recognize this Mass style as a liturgical type.Another big demand was for the archdiocese to receive compensation for losses incurred in the turbulent land deals, he said.Mar Kariyil was forced to resign.This was part of a drama starring the nuncio, Oriental congregation, and Syro Malabar synod.

Activists said they have no fear of repercussions and will continue with the demonstrations.