Lakshya Sen on India's historic Thomas Cup victory in 2022: "Nothing is feasible."

Lakshya Sen returned home to Bengaluru after winning Thomas Cup . He said it was a great moment for India; everyone came together as a team .

Bengaluru (Karnataka), (India), May 17 : On Monday night, Badminton player Lakshya Sen, who made history for India on May 15 by winning the Thomas Cup, returned home to the capital city of Karnataka.After landing at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Lakshya Sen expressed happiness and pride in winning the Thomas Cup for the first time.Most importantly, the Thomas Cup winner said, it was a great moment for India; everyone came together as a team.Lakshya also shared his journey to victory despite having health issues and losing the first round of the tournament.I couldnt give my 100 percent, so I had to really play in the quarter-finals and semi-finals.He said I tried my best to recover and go all out in the finals, but that the finals were a completely different experience as he was able to turn the situation in second and third rounds.

For me, the match was off to a bad start as I lost the first round.In the second and third game, I think I really turned it around.During the closing round, I was nervous, but I played safe and did not rush, said Lakshya.He said that nothing is impossible and that the performer should not worry about his results.We didnt expect to go this far in the tournament, but one thing was certain: we still could defeat any team.Let us just go one match at a time and not think about the results, he said.In the Thomas Cup 2022 final, India defeated Indonesia by 3-0 to claim the coveted trophy for the first time in its 70-year history.

The state government has also given Lakshya Sen a Rs 5 lakh reward.